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  • URP 102 C Course Schedule
    Course Code:URP 102 C
    Course Title:GEOMORPHOLOGY
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to: • introduce students to the study of earth structure; and • provide students with opportunities to determine how planning activities can be affected by the nature and structure of the earth.
    Course Synopsis:This course is an introductory course to Geography for the first year students in planning class. It is titled Geomorphology as it mainly studies the composition of the earth. In it, students are thought the internal structure and surface form of the earth; rock types and formation; mountains and building process; denudation processes; granite and sedimentary landforms in Nigeria; classification and characteristics of the world’s major climates; delineation and climates of Africa; characteristics of soil structure; processes of soil formation and soil profile.
    Course Lecturer:Dr. M.A Oyinloye and Mr. J.O. Owoeye
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