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  • URP 104 C Course Schedule
    Course Code:URP 104 C
    Course Title:History and Evolution of Planning thought
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to: • give students a detailed knowledge on the origin, growth and decline of cities with relevant examples from across the globe; • give students a background knowledge of planning thoughts and its evolution as well as the philanthropic movement.
    Course Synopsis:This course will give the students an understanding of the origin, growth and decline of settlements as a reflection of social economic, political and physical forces. It will inform students about industrial settlements and contemporary human settlements in developed and developing countries. The influence of the philanthropic movement on town planning, public health laws, and garden city movements will equally be discussed. Case studies of towns in Nigeria both historic and contemporary ones will be highlighted. Issues of urbanisation process will also be discussed.
    Course Lecturer:Dr. A. A. Emmanuel and Miss. K.A. Adegboyegun
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